Zulu Beadwork Project

The Zulu Beadwork Project is a fair trade initiative that links accomplished crafters with the global market. Their range of beaded jewelry is a blend of contemporary aesthetics and traditional skills, showcasing a rich cultural heritage. The Zulu Beadwork Project was inspired by the centuries-old beading traditions of the Zulu and Xhosa nations in Southern Africa. The collection is made entirely by hand, using glass beads and materials of the highest quality.

The Zulu Beadwork Project’s vision generates sustainable income for forty women. They believe that through creating greater economic freedom, they are able to positively impact the communities impacted by HIV/AIDS. Namely, the life span of those infected with HIV/AIDS can be considerably extended if able to afford proper nutritional and medical treatments. Equally important to the Zulu Beadwork Project is to provide the economic circumstances for those involved to afford their children the highest level of education.

Beaders at work